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Business Portrait



Free traveling in Miami City area.   

Outside Miami $100 per hour of traveling.

Take flattering corporate style headshots for employees, or have individual professional photo session of your promotional portrait.

  Photographer provides professional light and basic backdrop. Please come camera ready : makeup and fully styled outfits

of your choice (avoid busy patterns).

Makeup and Hairstyle. 

Services of professional makeup and hairstyle artist $150 per hour.

Express editing.

48 hours turn around $100 per 10 images

Edit more pictures from your photoshoots.

$25 per image.

Edit more pictures from your photoshoots.

Advanced editing $100 per image.


You are in excellent hands with photographer Anastasiya who is obsessed with capturing the model’s essence. Work with a concept of your choice or create one together with the artist. Photographer provides professional lighting and basic backdrop.

Beauty photoshoots

Fashion Portfolio

Artistic Portrait


Package includes:

  • Concept development

  • Personality research

  • Props and costume design

  • Hairstyle and makeup design

  • Professional light equipment

  • Assistant services

  • Backstage photographs

  • Advanced editing

Group discount available


Create dynamic and engaging images that get your customer excited about your product or business. Photographer provides discount for packages billed quarterly.

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