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What message does your current profile picture send to potential clients or recruiters? Your first impression in business is paramount and your portrait should reflect your professionalism and authentic self. Whether for your website, Linkedin, email signature, or social media profiles, let us help you showcase yourself with an artistic and timeless portrait.


$50 deposit per/ session
$20 per / original image
$30 per / editing service (optional)
up to two outfits per 15 min session


Though we are perfect, sometimes we all could use a little image touch up. Our editing process involves skin smoothing, spots removal, reduction of under eye lines/wrinkles, teeth whitening, and color correction.

Additionally, if there are other portrait blemishes you would like to edit, let us know and we will work with you to achieve a comfort level that suits you best.


- Think ahead about outfit and all the details of wardrobe that might be use for photoshoot.
- Choose timeless look if it works with the goal of shoot.

- Bring several options of outfits of different colors, styles and fabrics.
- Baggy and oversized closes when photographed may create a wrong impression of you body type.
Avoid busy patterns, solid color fabric is easier to edit in case of wrinkling.
- If clothes tent to wrinkle it is better to bring it separately or ask photographer for a steamer at least 10 minutes before your scheduled time. 
- Think of extra accessories like wrist watch or pocket square that might be used during photoshoot.
- Don not use a lot of makeup, natural look is often a better base for most editing goals.
- Plan a haircut before photoshoot only if you trust your hairdresser 100%, and you know exactly what look you are going to get.

- Choose a color that fits your style and personality. A simple background color change can help to enhance and communicate the overall feel of your brand persona and messaging.

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